The Ultrasound

The baby weighed 13ozs., his heart was beating 140 beats per second, and the predicted birth date was 1/22 (calendar prediction date is 1/25; my prediction is he will be late because both of his parents were late for everything in their lives.)

All of the baby's organs are developing normally and are in the right places. We spent a lot of time examining the heart. All four chambers are there and of equal size. Blood was flowing in the right directions. It is amazing to see the color enhancement of the ultrasound machine showing the blood flow. Unfortunately, we don't have pictures, but I doubt I'll forget it anytime soon.

The lungs were there and are not developed yet. Lungs are some of the last tissues to develop so it is all normal. The stomach is full of fluid, the liver, kidneys, and the other organs were accounted for.

The bones are all there and are calcifying. The spine is developed and skin covers it completely (yeah! No open spine defects, a common problem.)

The doctor says everything is okay and as it should be. In the sonograms all the white spots are bone and the grey areas are dense tissues. Near her head is a dense area, that is the placenta. The dark area around her is amniotic fluid.

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